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When Passion Rules

When Passion Rules - Johanna Lindsey Hmm... what to say? It wasn't all terrible, but it wasn't the best historical romance I've read either. The book spans a short time period, which makes the romance hard to believe sometimes. From the time the main characters meet, the novel takes place over only a few days.

The heroine, Alana, was really young and immature. Most heroines in historical romance novels are young, that's just the nature of the time period. However, sometimes I forget they are so young because they act so old. That wasn't the case with Alana. Every time she opened her mouth I remembered that she was only 18. I had to hard time seeing what Christoph found to love about her.

I did like Christoph though, and he, along with the setting, saved the book for me. I wouldn't rush out and read this book right now, but maybe give it a try when you hit a lull.