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Every Other Day

Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes Rating is 3.5 stars.

I was supposed to post this review yesterday afternoon, but I've had a hard time collecting my thoughts enough to write something about it. I was excited to read something new from Jennifer Lynn Barnes since I absolutely love her Raised by Wolves series, and the plot for Every Other Day sounded unique. I read it over the the weekend and I shut down my Kindle and stared in space for a few moments and thought to myself "What the heck did I just read?"

In Kali's world, Charles Darwin didn't just discover the theory of Evolution. He stumbled upon creatures that were thought to only be found in stories. In present day, these mythical creatures (we're talking hellhounds, dragons and basilisks, just to name a few) have been classified, catalogued, and are a part of every day life. Every other day Kali is your typical loner, teenage girl. She doesn't have a lot of friends, she maintains average grades and tries to stay under the radar and go unnoticed. Every other day, Kali's hunter instincts come out and she can't resist the urge to hunt and kill these so called endangered creatures. Her blood is poisonous, she can't die and she can touch any weapon and immediately know how to use it to her advantage. She's been living these two lives since she hit puberty, but has little knowledge of what she is or how she came to be this way.

On one of her human days, Kali notices that the most popular girl in school has been marked for death by one of the creatures she hunts. She sets out to save Beth, and everything starts to unravel from there. Suddenly Kali has friends who want to help her, she's running from mysterious government officials and she's racing against the clock to save another life before she becomes human again.

Every Other Day spans two whole days. That's it. Once I sat back and realized that, I couldn't believe everything that happened in those two days. The pacing of the book is very fast, and there is non-stop action. The book is also a lot darker and more violent than a typical young adult fantasy book. The scenes that Kali is hunting or fighting are very descriptive and slightly gory.

There isn't a whole lot of happy in Kali's world. She's isolated herself from people and as a result, has led a very lonely life. She almost doesn't know how to handle it when a few kids from school actually want to be her friend. Her inner monologues (basically they were pity parties) got a bit tedious after awhile. But despite her almost over-the-top emotional angst, she was an interesting character. She was totally kick-arse, and I loved watching her in action. I also felt that her little band of sidekicks were interesting as well. Along with Beth (the girl she saves) Kali befriends a psychic named Skylar. The dynamic between the three girls was very entertaining. They had completely different personalities, but they somehow just.. worked.

I definitely wouldn't classify this book as a romance. There is maybe the possibility of a romance, but it seemed like it was added in almost as an after thought. I honestly felt like she fell a little too easily for him. He made one statement of how they are destined to be together, and she accepted it at face value and risked everything to save his life. I hope we see more of Kali and Zev in later books though, and that the romance actually has time to develop realistically.

I was also a little bugged by the ending. The whole book leads up to this epic show down between Kali and the bad guys, and it all just fizzled out at the end. The epilogue also left everything very open ended, and options are now available to Kali but we have no idea what they are. I couldn't figure out if this book is part of a series or just a single book. I hope it's part of a series, because if not the ending as-is is super lame.

My Summary: I found this book to be a little on the weird side. It was interesting and full of action, and I really like Kali, but there was something about it that was just bizarre. I'm not sure if it's because the ending left a slightly sour taste in my mouth, or if it was the plot itself. After thinking about it for the last few days, I've decided that I do like the book. It was just quirky enough to capture my attention and not let go. I will definitely continue with the series (if there are more books), and I recommend taking the time to read it.

My Rating: B+