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Dayhunter (Dark Days, Book 2)

Dayhunter - Jocelynn Drake I loved the first book of this series. I was completely riveted by the characters, the world Ms. Drake created and the dark, edgy vibe to it. Dayhunter was boring. Absolutely nothing happened, and this novel was nothing more than just a filler. Mira and Danaus were in a few battles, Mira had people to protect that she didn't want, and she and Danaus repeatedly (and I mean repeatedly) mentioned that when "this" was all over they were going to kill eachother. No progress was made with anything. They are still fighting the bad guys, as well as fighting their preconceived notions about eachother. They dance around the fact that they might be attracted to eachother, but there is no resolution. Do they like eachother or not? I wish I knew.

So, going to keep reading the series because the first book showed so much promise. Dayhunter, however, not so much. I'm waiting for Dawnbreaker, the third book in the series, from the library. Hope it's better than this one! *crosses her fingers*