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Fragile - Shiloh Walker There was a tweet discussion awhile ago about Broken, Shiloh Walker's newest release. The people involved mentioned that even though it's not technically a series (each book can be a stand alone), Fragile would be the first book if it was. I was browsing the shelves at the library, saw this and instantly pulled it off the shelf and took it home. And devoured it.

The main characters, Luke and Devon, have seen and been through a lot of difficult things in their lives. They both are a bit scarred when the relationship begins, but can't resist the chemistry and connection that sparks whenever they are near eachother. I love strong characters who are willing to take the plunge and make that next step, even though they are scared of getting hurt. Luke and Devon were perfect compliments of eachother, and I couldn't get enough of watching them fall in love. There is a mystery in the novel, and I was completely surprised by who the bad guy turned out to be. It was heartbreaking, really, and I was glad that Luke and Quinn ended his reign of terror.

Fragile is beaitful, moving and full of mystery and suspense that makes you bite your nails in anticipation. This book is definitely a must-read! Ms. Walker, I can tell this is the start of a beautiful relationship. ;-)

We catch a few glimpses of Quinn in Fragile, who went on to star in his own love story in Broken. I've heard SO many good things about Broken, and I'm just itching to get my hands on it. Quinn is personifies the "bad boy" attitude, and I think no woman could resist taking him on and being the one to thaw him out. Wonder what kind of woman it takes to finally help him overcome his demons...