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Cry Sanctuary (Red Rock Pass)

Cry Sanctuary - Moira Rogers This is my first book by this writing team. I really want to read their Southern Arcana series, but that would mean I have to get an e-reader device of some sort and then actually buy the book. So, it might be awhile before I get to it. The library had a copy of this one, so I downloaded it and read it on my computer. I was surprised by how short it was. There was so much story packed in those pages though, that the length of the book never factored in or took anything away from the book.

I was in the mood for a lusty read when I picked this up, and hot dang Moira Rogers delivered. There is some great werewolf lovin' in this novel, and I got all sorts of hot and bothered. I felt like the plot was well formed, especially considering the length of the novel. The "world" that Moira Rogers began creating is not nice to her characters. All is not well in the werewolf community, and I'm interested to see how it is all resolved in later books.

All in all, an exciting read for when you are in the mood for some quick and feisty lovin'. Some day I'll get my hands on their Southern Arcana series!