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Song of Scarabaeus

Song of Scarabaeus - Sara Creasy I picked this up based on Angieville's review, and I couldn't be happier with the recommendation. It was wonderful! Interesting, exciting and the element of romance making it all the sweeter. I don't normally read scifi, so I got a little bogged down in the jargon. It wasn't until about halfway through the book that I felt like I had a handle on what the world was like. But don't mistake me - Sara Creasy does a wonderful job and her writing is excellent. She creates characters you can get behind and are openly rooting for.

Definitely recommend, it was great! I'd probably even buy the book and keep it on my shelves to read over and over again. Thank goodness the sequel comes out at the end of this month! Can't wait for some more Edie and Finn.