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The DUFF: (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)

The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend - Kody Keplinger This book confused me. It was good, but there were elements of it that didn't quite vibe. First of all, the characters were extremely mature for high school seniors I thought. It felt like the characters were all written with adult personalities that were hidden inside 18 year old kids. It was very bizarre. There was a TON of sex and a TON of language. The sex scenes weren't explicit like in a romance novel, but there was definitely more detail than I've ever read in a YA novel before. And the language.. yikes. It's only from the main character to, but she doesn't hold back. At all. Those things aren't necessarily bad, but I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending this to a teenager.

I struggled a bit with Bianca. She just seemed so unlikable. She was kind of a witch, truthfully, and she was so cranky all the time that I'm not quite sure why her friends stuck around. And I'm not quite sure why Wesley fell in love with her either. We never get any kind of notion as to what he's thinking.

For some reason, despite all the issues I listed above, I really liked it. That's why I say it confused me. I'm still thinking about the story, days later. I'm seriously contemplating starting it again, hopefully being able to pinpoint exactly why I liked it so much. So weird!