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Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 4)

Hard Bitten - Chloe Neill I have nowhere else to go to talk about this, so if you haven't read the book, DON'T READ ON. Contains major spoilers.

Shocked. Speechless. Flabbergasted. Completely blown away. The buzz about this book is everywhere, and my feelings regarding the novel aren't any different. I just finished reading this ten minutes ago, and no one is around so I've been ranting to my 7mo old baby about the injustice of that ending. I think she's frightened of me.

How can Chloe Neill DO this to us? That ending is literally killing me. I wondered if the response that everybody was having had something to do with Ethan, but I never in a million years would have guessed that it would be so FINAL. How can he come back from being a pile of ashes?!??!?! And how can the series continue without Ethan?! WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?!?!? I am too speechless to even come up with any theories right now. If you have any, please feel free to share, becauase I am in some serious need of hope right now.

The ending totally eclipses the rest of the novel. The book is really great, of course, but how can I move past what happened? I don't even feel like I can rate it. How can I when I feel so.. betrayed? Doesn't Chloe Neill know this isn't what's supposed to happen in novels? And does she think that anyone can replace Ethan as the main love interest? Not for me. All I know is Drink Deep better be good. It better make up for the horror of an ending in Hard Bitten. I don't know how Ethan can come back from this, but he dang well better!