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Entice - Carrie Jones I could have sworn this series was supposed to be a trilogy! I'd actually forgotten about the series, and then became excited when I could read Captivate and Entice together, thinking it was the end. Guess not.

The ONLY reason I'm giving this 3 stars instead of 4 is because Zara annoyed the crap out of me in this book. I admired her dedication to going to get Nick, but holy cow she practically ran over everyone just to get there. So many sacrifices were made to get him home, and it just seemed excessive.

Also, I'm not one to usually switch my allegiance when there's a love triangle, but I am totally for Astley! That's also perhaps why I had a hard time with the whole getting Nick back, because Astley was right there and willing and the better choice.

Another thing that annoyed me was how Zara let her friends and family discriminate against other pixies when she herself was one! I hate how she didn't stand up for her pixie friends (namely Astley) after all they did for her. Drove me nuts! I hope she gets a clue in the next novel b/c I can't stand reading a series when I hate the main character.