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Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have)

Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) - Sarah Mlynowski 3.5 Rating

I finished this book last night, and it's left me with mixed feelings. My initial reaction to it was "Wow! This book is so great!" and then when I went to bed last night, I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about it.

This book is laugh-out-loud funny. I love the way the author writes, and how it felt like I was reading the journal of a best friend, or listening to her tell me about this crazy time she lived without adult supervision. The dialogue was witty and refreshing, and if I were to ever write a novel, this is the style that I'd hope to achieve. I really loved the characters and how their personalities easily came out in the book. They seemed very real to me.

I think my only problem is the amount of sex in the book. It isn't graphic, by any means, but it's definitely a hot topic and discussed among the characters frequently. The book just made it seem okay for teenagers to have sex. Even worse, that the parents were okay with their teenagers having sex. I know this is a personal preference, but it made me uncomfortable. The lack of parental supervision was tied in to neatly for it to be realistic. Out of all of those kids, not one set of parents were functional and had any idea of what was going on?

I had a hard time deciding what to rate this book. It really is a witty and fun book to read. I loved the set-up and how the author had headings for everything so you knew exactly what was happening and when. So I give it a 3.5, because it's better than a three but not a solid 4 because of the reason I listed above.