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Hereafter - Tara Hudson I'm not one to normally read "ghost stories." I always want my characters to have a happily ever after, and how can that happen if one character is dead? However, I read Hereafter anyway and I am so pleased I did.

I was unexpectedly fascinated with this story. Tara Hudson writes with such vivid imagery, and I slipped into the story with such ease. From the opening scene of Amelia drowning to the end confrontation, you will literally be sucked into this story and will have a hard time finding your way out. It's obvious that Ms. Hudson put a lot of thought into every little detail, from the character's facial expressions to the way things should smell. It's obvious that she loves the story, and loves the characters that she's bringing to life.

Amelia has a heart of gold, with a witty sense of humor despite her circumstances. Josh is the kind of guy that every girl wishes she could snag: happy, romantic, funny, protective and gorgeous. Besides the writing, the couple really makes the story work. They complement eachother well, despite the dead vs. living aspect, and the possible age weirdness. Or maybe that's only weird to me?

My heart is now intertwined with their fates, and I desperately hope that Tara Hudson gives them a way to be together. Since I'm making requests, preferably alive. Yet another series that I now have to my list of "series I am constantly waiting for the next book to come out." *sighs* According to GR, the next one doesn't come out until 2012. So long!