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Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy)

Kiss of Frost - Jennifer Estep Kiss of Frost picks up right where the first book, Touch of Frost, left off. Gwen survived the major face off in the library with the most popular girl in school, who was supposed to be dead, and when Gwen finally got the guts up to ask Logan out he turned her down flat. Now she's forced to work with him every morning while he trains her on her fighting abilities - or lack thereof, really - to be better prepared for her new role of Champion. Oh, and he has a new girlfriend and he isn't afraid to show it. Otherwise, life at school is normal as she struggles to keep up with her classes and catch up to her peers. Her one comfort are the afternoons she slips away from the school to spend a few hours with her grandmother and stuff herself full of whatever sweet treats her grandmother made that day.

On the way home from one such visit, she is almost run over by a mysterious black SUV. Shaken, she rushes back to school to tell her best friend what happened. Odd things keep happening, and Gwen is determined to get to the bottom of it and find out who's out to get her. The whole school leaves for a weekend of skiing and parties at a ski resort built especially for their kind, and Gwen reluctantly tags along. What is supposed to be a relaxing weekend turns into Gwen fighting for her life and protecting the man she loves.

If you read my review for Touch of Frost, you know how much I absolutely loved it. Kiss of Frost was no different. This book focuses a little more on Gwen, her emotions and the relationships she developed in the first book. I was proud of her resolve to try and be tough and fight her own battles. She has quite the destiny, and if she relies on others to fight for her I'm not sure she'll ever reach it. She knew someone was after her, and she used her brains and her developing powers to solve the mystery. The mystery and suspense was minimal though, and it wasn't hard to figure out what was going on. While I knew who the bad guys were (a first for me), I didn't necessarily know why, so there was still a little surprise at the end.

Gwen is such a likable heroine. She's down to earth and loyal and it's such a joy to read about her. We see a lot more of Logan in this book - even if I did want to slug him in the beginning - and there are a few *moments* between the two that melt the pages. We get a small glimpse into The Big Secret that Logan feels prevents him from beginning a relationship with Gwen. Through Logan's best friend, we also get some insight into his feelings about Gwen. Logan is just so cute and protective, and I loved how Ms. Estep handled the show down scene between them and the bad guy. It was perfectly done, and what both Gwen and Logan needed.

My Summary: Now that I've been talking about it, I want to go read Kiss of Frost again! I appreciate how the author reminded us that Gwen is a teenager, and she gave her typical teenage feelings and reactions. Thankfully, it wasn't over the top and there was just the right amount of angst. The world that Jennifer Estep has given us is fascinating and I can't get enough of it. There was a preview for the next book in the series, and it left on a total cliff hanger and now I'm dying for more!

My Rating: A+