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Private Arrangements (Kimani Romance)

Private Arrangements - Brenda Jackson 3.5 Stars

Jonas Steele is the fourth oldest brother (out of six brothers, I believe) in the overly manly Steele family and is just as much a player as the rest of them. Well, except his two oldest brothers who have - gasp! - succumbed and actually committed to one woman. Although he loves women, his motto is "no repeats." Incredibly sexy and successful, Jonas has no problem meeting enough women to stick with that rule. Why then can he not get sexy photographer Nikki Cartwright out of his mind after only one kiss?

Nikki Cartwright is a budding freelance photographer and when Jonas Steele hires her to help him on a project for his company, she knew she was going to struggle with resisting his sexy charms. Jonas Steele wins the client's business, and in celebration kisses Nikki on a whim. What was supposed to be an innocent peck turns into one of the most mind blowing kisses either of them have ever had. Flustered, Jonas makes up some bogus excuse and hastily leaves her office, leaving Nikki reeling in shock.

Skip ahead eighteen months, and Jonas is approaching her again (after avoiding her all this time), to offer her another job on his team. His client is building a luxury airline and Jonas needs the best photographer to take pictures and show the best side of the airline. It isn't all business for the two, and they finally succumb to their desire and engage in a passionate affair while they travel the world. Their arrangement is only temporary though, and once they return home Jonas will go back to his player days and Nikki will pick up up the pieces of her broken heart. The heart that just couldn't resist falling for sexy Jonas Steele.

I picked this up for a few reasons. One, I have never read anything by this author before, but I've seen her stuff around and was intrigued. Two, I was in the mood for something non-magical and fairly predictable. A fluffy read, if you will. Private Arrangements was just that. The book contains the typical push/pull tension and it takes the hero forever to recognize he's in love. What I was not expecting was the explosive chemistry between the couple. Like I said, this is my first book by Brenda Jackson so I'm not sure if this is on par for her, but this book was a very sexy read. And I'm not only talking about the bedroom scenes either. Just the regular ol' moments of conversation, or a stray glance they shared across the room made me squirm in my seat.

The story line isn't that original, but somehow Ms. Jackson manages to make it interesting enough to make me stay up a little bit later than normal to finish it. I'm now addicted to the Steele family and will be looking for the previous two books in the series about Jonas's older brothers. Does such a family of all sexy brothers even exist in real life? If so, I'd like to meet them!

My Summary: Comfortingly predicable, Private Arrangements still managed to capture my attention and make me root for Jonas and Nikki's happily ever after. It also hit close to home as this reminds a little bit of my own love story with my husband. He was all about dating a bunch of different girls, and I knew he was the one way before he figured it out. These men, I tell ya'. They always think they know best until the right woman comes along and they finally get a clue. ;-) Jonas and Nikki's story is sizzling and funny, and perfect for the time in between "have-to" books when you need a little fluff break.

My Rating: B+