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Tempting the Best Man (Gamble Brothers)

Tempting the Best Man - J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout If ya’ll didn’t know, “J. Lynn” is actually Jennifer L. Armentrout. Or JLA, as she’s known here on the blog.

What?! You mean JLA wrote an adult novel and it’s out? Like, I can buy it right now??!?!

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Tempting the Best Man is her first adventure (at least her first published, as far as I know) into the adult romance genre. All of that talent showcased in her YA novels just explodes all over the pages of this book.

Basically, she took the genre and made it her bitch.

One of the reasons why I love JLA’s books so much is the chemistry I feel between the main characters. I don’t know what she does, but all of the passion, anger, hatred, jealousy, attraction or whatever just oozes off the page and I really, honestly connect with the characters. The great thing about her adult books (or book rather, since there’s the one), is that the “almost” scenes in her YA novels go into a little bit more detail. If you get all hot and bothered by Daemon and Katy’s intense make-out session in Obsidian, just wait until you get a load of Chase and Maddie. It’s almost ridiculous how insane the chemistry is between these two. It took them awhile to figure things out, but if there is another thing that JLA excels at, it’s the build-up.

The book is short, only 172 pages so it shouldn’t take you long at all to get through it. It spans one weekend as they attend the wedding of Maddie’s brother, and the two manage to pack a ton into the weekend. They’re childhood friends and have loved each other since they were kids. Chase doesn’t think he’s good enough, Maddie does but has been shot down by him one too many times. Like I said, it takes awhile for them to figure things out. But when they do.. fireworks y’all. Explosions, bombs, dynamite, earthquakes, and whatever else suites your fancy.

Loved Chase and Maddie, loved the story, loved the chemistry, love the genius that is JLA. Tempting the Best Man is sexy, but tastefully done and definitely a must read. At least it is for this fangirl!