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Own the Wind (Chaos, #1)

Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley After reading this, I think I've decided that I prefer the self-published version of KA. I loved Shy and Tabby, and I loved their story. I was left wanting.. more, I guess. Maybe it's just because I came into this book right off her Colorado Mtn series, which I believe are all over 500 pages. Each of the couples in that book were their own individual people outside of the relationship. KA went into depth about buying sheets, making crafts, building homes together, the town and the family, etc. Didn't get that in Own the Wind. I would have loved more detail about Tabby's job. Maybe seen her hang out with her girl friends.

It was just all about Shy and Tabby. Which is fine, in a way, and I enjoyed it. But I read KA I want to get lost in 500+ pages over over the top heroes and the dirty, gritty life her characters experienced. Wish I had that with Shy and Tabby.