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Saving Dallas (Saving Dallas, #1)

Saving Dallas - Kim Jones I bought this on a whim, because of that cover. Wouldn't you? I balked a little at the price, since $4.88 seems steep for a self pub that isn't well known. However, I was intrigued with the premise and I went ahead and bought it anyway.

This wasn't terrible. There were several editing issues, which makes me think the author didn't pay for someone to look at it. Several instances where the author confused "wondering" and "wandering." Yikes. At that price point, I want a polished, finished novel and this wasn't it.

What bothers me the most is that I felt cheated by the ending. There were some MAJOR plot holes that the author didn't resolve in this book. There were some issues with a rival gang which involved Dallas, and the author never told us what they were. It's a series, according to info in the back of the book, but the author still didn't give me any answers. I'm all about conflict and suspense, but in this case we get NOTHING. I read through the whole thing, only to get to the end and absolutely NOTHING has happened. What I'm told at the beginning of the story is what I still know at the end. Completely frustrating. I feel tricked. Juped. Like all the author wanted to do was get me to the end of the book so I could buy the next at another ridiculously outrageous price.

Also, this was all very insta-love. And the MC's don't know anything about each other either! If done well, the insta-love can make sense, but in this case it really didn't. It was too easy. The relationship was too easy. She hopped on board with the MC lifestyle too easily. Needed more tension. More conflict.

Great premise, hot cover model but unfortunately, it failed to deliver. Admittedly, if it'd been .99 I probably wouldn't be so outraged. But at almost $5, I didn't get my money's worth.