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Ill Wind (Weather Warden, Book 1)

Ill Wind - Rachel Caine Rachel Caine is the author of the Morganville Vampire series, which I read and loved. I was eager to get into this Weather Warden series, having heard good things about it and wondering if I would like this series just as much. So far... I did. What I really loved was how different it is than any other fantasy series I've read to date. The world Ms. Caine has created for these weather wardens is amazing. She doesn't just tell us that her characters can control the weather, she proves it by showing us the character's knowledge of how the weather works and how they "fight" Mother Nature. I thought it was interesting that Ms. Caine used the commone theme of control of the elements, and related it to the weather and created this wonderful world to visit. It always amazes me what an author can create from their imagination, and Ms. Caine seems to have a very vivid one!

Not only was the writing really great, but she expertly dangled the mystery in front of our noses that left me needing more. Plus, she threw in a twist there at the end that I really didn't see coming. Not that that's hard to do, as I'm an incredibly gullible reader, but it's always interesting when the bad guy turns out to be the person I least expected. The characters were well written, but the synopsis led me to believe that Lewis was going to take a more major part in it than he did. Really, the story is mostly about Joanne and David, with Lewis only making a few cameo appearances through Joanne's memories. I spent about half the novel wondering when Lewis was finally going to show up, and then decided to relax about it and just enjoy the ride.

All in all, a really interesting read. I'm not dying to read the next book in the series, but I enjoyed it enough that I'm going to keep going. I'm mainly impressed with the story and the imagination and thought that went into creating it. There are some really incredibly talented writers out there, and I truly believe that Ms. Caine can be included in those ranks. Add this book to your list to read someday, and hopefully you will be just as impressed as I was!