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Firelight - Sophie Jordan I think a 3.5 is a better rating for this. For the most part, this book was an enjoyable read. It was a unique story and it was written well enough that I felt something while reading it. There are two glaring issues that won't get a 4star or above rating from me:

1. There were parts of the novel where Jacinda really annoyed me. Whenever she would wax on about how horrible her life was in the new town away from the pride, or how her mother and sister don't understand her, I just wanted to throttle her. It became old after awhile. Besides which, she complained while she was in the pride about how she wanted to get out of the pride, and now that she is, she wants to go back? She was too much of a whiner for me.

2. I didn't understand how Will and Jacinda could go from a couple of passionate kisses to "I love you" and "I want to be with you forever". Up until that point, Jacinda hadn't shown me anything worth loving at that point, and who the heck is Will? We know nothing about him at all. Where was the conversation? Where was the get-to-know phase? The pace of Will and Jacinda's relationship was slightly unreal. I felt the passion, I felt the connection, and the steamy moments were very steamy and had my blood boiling. But I needed more substance than that.

I will probably read the next book, just to find out what happens, so hopefully those issues will be fixed and I can love the story like everyone else does.