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Stolen Fury

Stolen Fury - Elisabeth Naughton I stumbled upon on this book by chance, based on a friend adding another one of the author's books to her TBR list. I enjoy treasure hunting books, and had been looking for a new one to read for awhile.

Rafe and Lisa are thrown together in search of the three Furies, and who try their darned best to resist the lure of the other. The chemistry between the two is smokin' hot, and the lusty scenes will definitely get you good and bothered. Rafe is a super sexy thief, with a big heart that he likes to keep secret. Lisa is a sassy, independent archeologist who has devoted the last fifteen years in search of these three stones. Of course, there are other players in the game and they want those stones, and aren't afraid to get a bit messy in the process. Rafe and Lisa suddenly find themselves on the hunt of their life as they battle unseen foes and race to be the first to find all three stones.

Stolen Fury is comfortingly predictable. There is the typical battle between the two characters as they fight their lust and attraction for eachother. They've both been burned in the past, and are terrified to try again. Then there is the "ah ha" moment, where they finally realize that they can't live without the other. Enter: the bad guy, whose crazy madness and obsession almost gets one character killed. After everything settles down and the evil player is brought to justice, Rafe and Lisa ride off into the sunset living happily ever after. Throw in a car chase and a few close calls with the bad guy's little minions, and you have yourself one good treasure hunt with a side of lusty lovin'.

Stolen Fury is a comfort read, pure and simple. Although, I will hand it to Elisabeth Naughton, she definitely threw me for a loop when she finally let us know who the evil player was. I definitely didn't see that one coming. This book read very similar to Elizabeth Lowell's Pearl Cove (harbor?) series. Which is good for me, since I've read those books a few times. I kinda like them.

And I kinda liked Stolen Fury too. ;-)