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Slumber: The Fade: Book One

Slumber - Samantha Young Originally posted atBasias's Bookshelf

I will be the first to admit that I tend to be a book snob. What I mean by that is that I make an effort to find out who the publisher is. If a book is published by one of the big wigs, then it obviously must be good, right? Uhh.. wrong. Not all books produced by a big name publisher are good, which means that not all Indie or self-published books are bad. It's only been recently that I've been brave enough to try reading books by these authors. I started with Angelfall, which I loved, and then Barbara told me about Samantha Young and recommended Slumber to me. Really, y'all should listen to Barbara. She really knows her stuff. ;-)

Rogan hasn't always lived in the palace with her best friend and princess, Haydyn. When she was a child she very happily lived on a farm with her parents and little brother. One one horrific day - a day that still gives her nightmares - a mad man came to her home and killed her family and took Rogan for her magical powers. There's a whole history behind why Rogan has magical powers, but it's too extensive and involved to relate in the synopsis here. Truthfully, I got a little lost in the world building. I ended up skimming over it, but I didn't feel like not knowing every detail (and there was a lot of detail) hindered my enjoyment of the story. Anyway, back to Rogan. She has been unwillingly thrust into palace life, and has now become the Handmaiden to Haydyn. The pair become fast friends and Rogan devotes her life to serving the princess and helping her prepare to become the queen.

Haydyn is suddenly struck with the mysterious sleeping sickness, and the royal healers announce that the only thing that can save her is a rare plant. Enter, Rogan's magical powers. Whenever someone commands Rogan to find something, she immediately zooms in on the object (or in this case, plant) and knows the route to find it. It's several days journey away through dangerous territory, and Rogan sets off on the journey with her arch nemesis, Wolfe. It's not easy, and Rogan and Wolfe take a few unplanned detours along the way. Not only is this a journey to save her friend, but it also becomes a journey of self discovery for Rogan as she finds all her negative feelings regarding Wolfe growing into something else.

Slumber turned out to be a huge surprise for me. I was a little worried when I got bogged down by the set-up, but once the story actually began I was enthralled. I had a love/hate relationship with Rogan. At times she was whiny, stubborn and immature. She pushed every single one of Wolfe's buttons, and it's amazing to me that he stuck around and waited for her. I actually cheered out loud whenever she referred to herself as a grump, because it was so true. I'm not sure if the story would have worked if she was nice and sweet, but her personality did make it difficult to read at times. There was a few moments of intense eye-rolling and "oh my gooooosh"'s on my part. Wolfe was absolutely adorable. He knew what he wanted and he was willing to wait for it. He saw something in Rogan that even I, as a reader, couldn't see. They had a few adventures on their journey, and he was very protective and sort of alpha. It hit all the right spots, and if I was a young girl reading the story, I'd definitely be dreaming of Wolfe as I went to sleep that night.

My Summary: The characters sold the show for me in Slumber. The world that the author created was unique and detailed, and I felt it enhanced the characterization and the love story. Even though Rogan annoyed me in parts of the story, she was really a great heroine to read about and she and Wolfe together made a great pair. Once she succumbed to the inevitable, they just melted my heart. If it wasn't for the extremely detailed and very confusing (at least to me) beginning, this book would have been a solid A+. I still highly recommend the book though. Perhaps y'all are smarter than me and will understand everything right away. ;-)

My Rating: A-