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Angel Burn

Angel Burn  - L.A. Weatherly I LOVED the storyline and that the angels were considered the bad guys in this novel. It's so different from any other angel novel out there, and it's refreshing to read something new.

The relationship between Alex and Willow was way intense way fast. It seemed really unrealisitc. I kept hoping for the author to introduce some mythical way that they could love eachother so quickly and deeply, but it never came. Plus, it was a little repetitive. They declared their feelings for eachother every other sentence it seemed, and it got a bit old. Maybe it would have been better if the author hadn't dragged it out so long. Instead of so much time with just the two of them, we could have had a few intense lovey dovey moments and then back to the action.

I will keep reading the series for sure, since I have a dozen questions that were definitely not answered by the end of the book! Maybe in the next one...